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Sohum Next Gen Solutions is a startup android app development company in Bhubaneswar registered under Startup Odisha that delivers sophisticated app solutions.
We offer full-stack IOS and Android mobile app development services and have a team of skilled professionals that design, develop and support innovative custom mobile applications. We can develop native apps in IOS and Android or choose the cross-platform mobile app development route like React Native and Flutter offering diversity and cost-effective solutions to our clients. We adopt a user-focused design thinking process and agile methodology in our projects and focus on minimal UX while developing IOS or Android apps .We ensure your end-users to experience the industry-best technologies incorporated into the apps we build. Being a well-versed software entity, we are efficient at developing visually pleasing apps with seamless user navigational flows. We understand your business processes and incubate them into scalable and reliable mobile apps to let you vision multi-fold business growth.
 Sohum Next Gen Solutions

Our Expertise


  • Understand your requirements and expectations
  • Identify your target audience
  • Leverage advances on technology
  • Ensure maximum ROI


  • Integrate with ecosystem of mobile and web applications
  • Integration with Analytics tools.
  • Use third party tools.


  • Amazing partners LOLLYPOP.BIZ, DIVAMI
  • Conduct Research
  • Build wireframes
  • Design


We integrate AI and ML based approach the best of our creative advertising and data driven analytics to deliver scaled data projects. Data visualization dashboards, and clear metrics serve as our milestones to reach your digital marketing strategy roadmap.


  • Deployment to App store or Play store
  • Periodic monitoring
  • Update on OS related enhancements
  • Functional enhancements


  • Manual Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Device Specific Testing

Our Process

Mobile Media Marketing

We live in an era in which people are using their mobile phones for purchasing everything from electronics and clothes to groceries and services. This makes it important for businesses to think about making the consumer journey more seamless and personalized on mobile. Increase Your Digital Presence and Performance with Sohum Next Gen Solutions, It will make it easier to create awareness and engagement both before and after the sale. You can convert new buyers into rabid fans who buy more (and more often).

Why Mobile Media Marketing

  • Almost 9 in 10 smartphone users are not absolutely certain of the specific brand they want to buy when looking for information online.
  • 75% of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while using their smartphone.
  • 77% of smartphone shoppers are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites or apps allow them to make purchases quickly.
  • Two-thirds of consumers can recall a specific brand they have seen advertised on mobile in the last week.
  • 60% of consumers click on mobile ads at least weekly.
  • Mobile searches for "best" have grown over 80% in the past two years
  • 51% of customers say that they use mobile devices to discover new brands and products
  • 69% of smartphone users also say that they are more likely to buy from companies with mobile sites that easily address their questions or concerns
  • During TV shows, viewers paid attention to mobile 28% of the time, and during TV ads, they paid attention to mobile more than half the time. People ages 18-24 looked at their smartphones 60% of the time during TV ads, and people ages 45 and over did so 41% of the time
 Sohum Next Gen Solutions
 Sohum Next Gen Solutions

Mobile Landscape

  • Large Share, Larger Potential
  • Mobilising The Internet
  • Growth Of Mobile Users
  • Data Tariffs - Cheaper Than The Cheapest
  • Smartphones Are Proliferating While Feature Phones Are Becoming Smarter
  • The Jio Experience - Superlative Mobility Xiaomi - Shipping Smart, And How
  • Mobile Apps Becoming An Integral Part Of Mobile Ecosystem
 Sohum Next Gen Solutions

Changing Landscape of Mobile Advertising

  • With Short Attention Spans Of Consumers, Short Format Advertising Content Is Key
  • Influencer Driven Content On The Rise
  • In The Areas of Content and Ad Formats Measurement:
  • Mobile Devices Critical in Attributing Online to Offline Sales: MMA POV
  • Business Impact of Mobile Advertising Brand Safety:
  • Above and Beyond Ad Exposures for Effectiveness Validation in Mobile Advertising Technology:
  • Header Bidding Spurring Further Mobile Ad Monetisation
  • The Role and Potential of Marketing Technology
 Sohum Next Gen Solutions

Emerging Trends

  • Everyday Living Influenced By AI And Channelised Through Mobile Interactions
  • E-Wallets Enabling Increased Transaction.

Why of Mobile Media Marketing in our Platform

  • Creating Short video/animation/digital promotions for faster response.
  • We showcase your brand early and often
  • We Use striking visuals, colour and contrast to catch attention and move hearts
  • Direct reach to the targeted customer, Mass communication made easy, immediate response, personalize content creation , Geo tagging , Track user response ,Prediction and forecast , Viral Potential
Local Search Strategy , is the art of marketing your business to appeal to mobile device users, Maps Search Optimization Google Maps Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy. Building Rich Digital Content Link building is and will continue to be a tremendously important component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Creates Digital Marketing Strategy Template

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