Walk, Earn Coins, Redeem and Buy

The idea is very simple. Walk to earn Swayam Smart Coins. Use these Swayam Smart Coins to redeem awesome rewards buy gifts. Rewards can be exclusive discounts or amazing products that are completely FREE! The main aim is to make health, fitness and workouts enjoyable again, even if you stay at home.


The home page is where all your activities take place. It shows you the steps you have walked today. The level on which you are at, the distance you have covered and the calories you have burned today and your total Swayam Smart Coins balance. It also shows you the Daily Rewards. Daily rewards are an easy way to earn more Swayam Smart Coins for free!

Don't forget to Upgrade the Stages

Your fitness journey on Swayam Smart is planned out by 4 Stages. Walk a bit more every day to upgrade your Stage. Upgrading gives you access to earn more Swayam Smart Coins daily. Be lazy and you will be downgraded and earn fewer Swayam Smart Coins. What's worse is that your friends on Swayam Smart will see that you are being lazy and nobody wants that teasing! To add more colors to your fitness journey, the app will change its look and colors every time you upgrade or downgrade your level, just to keep you moving!

Invite & Earn

To make your fitness journey more exciting and rewarding, you can invite all your friends and family to Swayam Smart! The more the happier! Compete with your friends in the weekly leader panel to see who walks the most. That's not all. You also get rewarded with free Swayam Smart Coins, every time you invite someone on this step based fitness rewarding app.


There is a weekly leader panel where you can see who walked the most. It is like a friendly competition between your friends. You can know which of your friends are most energetic on the app. This walk and earn feature has social story as well. Check on to the Activity area where you can know all the amazing rewards earned by your friends and the fitness mileposts that they have reached. Make fun of your friends for being lazy. Get stimulated by their healthy walking habits and mileposts!


Here comes the most excited feature of our app is our Bazaar. Redeem your hard earned Swayam smart Coins to avail wonderful free products and special discounts. Get free vouchers from the top brands, customized just for you. Rate your favorite deals so that we know which deals you need more on the app. Swayam smart has been created to become a perfect buddy to walk along with you on your fitness drive. May it be redeeming wonderful offers or products by just walking, competing with your friends in the fitness contests or simply keeping a track of your steps, distance, calories - walking with Swayam Smart will always be satisfying! So what are you waiting for? Let's join Swayam Smart and start your Voyage..!

Monitoring Your daily Usage

These apps monitor your daily usage for instance, how many calls you make, how many text messages or multimedia messages you send, how many images or music you upload or download, how many apps you use and how many times.

Data Tracker

Monitor your mobile and Wi-Fi data usage. Check Data Usage shows Mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption under different tabs. In addition to this, the app that consumes most data is always listed on top followed by others.

Speed Test

Want to know the download and upload speed of your data connection? Head to Speed tab and tap Run Speed Test. Wait for the test to complete. Once done you will be able to see both Download and Upload speed.

Wi-Fi Usage

Keep tabs on both mobile and Wi-Fi data usage. Check Data Usage separately identifies data consumption by apps on both Wi-Fi and mobile data. This helps know which app uses which data.

Smart Data Plan Usage

Helps get more out of your data plan by informing you about the apps that consume most data.

Plan History

Get a summary of old data consumption and make the right decision before purchasing data plan to enjoy online surfing.

Data Usage Notification

Set Data Limit and get usage notification when you surpass the set limit. This will help save on monthly bills and use data wisely.


Save Power

This step counter uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. No GPS tracking, so it barely consumes battery power.

No locked Features

All features are 100% FREE. You can use all features without having to pay for them.

100% Private

We never collect your personal data or share your information with third parties.